Cakes – Breads – The End

There were two large projects that I participated in during this year of 2014 that I really enjoyed. One was a baking project for Eising Studio/StockFood. This took place during late winter and early spring. The second was my Artisan Bread Baking class during the Fall semester at York County Community College. Both of these … Continue reading

Blueberry Slab Pie – Contest

It’s July and in our Town it’s time for Alfred Festival Day.   I was asked to enter the pie contest. I felt honored. As always, on the night before the big day and parade, the Town comes together for a Chili & Chowder Contest and a Pie Contest. The contests are a nice way … Continue reading

One for the Road

Traveling back to my roots over 4th of July, and I am thinking about all the good Southern food I am going to get my hands on… Crab cakes Fried Green Tomatoes-Recipe can be found in a June 2012 post titled, “In Search of Maryland Blue Crab.” Grilled Pineapple Upside-Down Cake-Recipe can be found in … Continue reading

Salsa Fresca – Cinco de Mayo

After traveling to Mexico City years ago and tasting the freshest and best salsa I’ve ever had, I tried to duplicate it. Actually, it is really a pico de gallo, not a saucy salsa.   In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, here is the recipe I created and have used since that trip: 2 or … Continue reading

Rainbow Cake Test-Part 1

A cake is a beautiful thing. Ahh, this one below, not so much, for many reasons.  See Rainbow Cake Test – Part 2-my next blog post.  It discusses my professional and personal opinions about Getty’s latest move in the stock photo industry. . A cake is a wonderful gift.  It is also a way to … Continue reading

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort comes in many forms.  To me, it’s a measured two-finger shot of that sweet golden brown liquid in a glass that, when sipped, will warm the palate on a cold winter’s night.  Or, my Aunt Betty meeting me at her back door with a big hug and “Hi Darlin’, come on in…what can … Continue reading