Aunt Edna’s Apple Dumplings

I am reposting this blog since it is apple picking time in Maine. The recipe for Aunt Edna’s Apple Dumplings is the best – because she was the best! I hope you enjoy.

Respect Your Food

and, confessions of a new mother.

apple dumpling ingredients

This past weekend I baked Aunt Edna’s Apple Dumplings in memory of her and my mother.  I miss them both very much.  Aunt Edna was my second mother and took care of me from infancy through my elementary school years.   This story is about apple dumplings and my mothers.


Aunt Edna, Cousins Connie, Lee, Howard and me (1955)

I recently found a birthday booklet titled “1951 Pages of Time” that my mother gave to me 20 years ago.   It shows prices of things in 1951, such as

loaf of bread….@  .16

gallon of gas..…@  .19

gallon of milk…@  .92

In this birthday booklet are pages for your personal memories from 1951.  Here are my mother’s memories-more like confessions of a new frightened mother.

“We were married 4 years, 1 month and 17 days before you arrived.  Your Dad was away deer hunting but he…

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3 thoughts on “Aunt Edna’s Apple Dumplings

  1. Your article was wonderful and as heart warming as the experience of eating the apple dumplings must be. I’m going to make them today- can’t wait!

  2. Thank you Wendy and Julia – Wendy-I noticed that you had asked me what kind of apples previously- I use granny smith because I like the tart with the sweetness of they syrup. Aunt Edna used apples from the old apple tree out back and I have not idea what they were. I remember they weren’t perfect and on the small side. Julia – let me know how they turned out.

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