Salsa Fresca – Cinco de Mayo

After traveling to Mexico City years ago and tasting the freshest and best salsa I’ve ever had, I tried to duplicate it. Actually, it is really a pico de gallo, not a saucy salsa.   In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, here is the recipe I created and have used since that trip:

2 or 3 very ripe tomatoes – peeled, de-seeded and chopped
2-3 tablespoons chopped red onion (more if you like onion)
Lots of fresh Cilantro – chopped
Juice of one-half lime (or possibly the whole lime)
Pinch of salt and pinch of pepper
Pinch of sugar

Place all ingredients in a bowl, mix and chill for an hour.


If you can’t wait, just start digging in-I like my tomatoes just a little on the cool side.

After tasting, adjust seasonings and lime juice.

Salsa done6

Optional Ingredient: if you want, or feel the need for, add ½ fresh chopped avocado to the bowl before serving.

This salsa is best used immediately – it does not store well.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Respectfully, Susan

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