Cake Pops – Cheater Style

Here I go again. I’ve tried cake pops before. According to my records, I tried this in July of 2012. It was a disaster.

CakePops-I give up 1

July 2012 – cake pop mess

So this time around I thought I would do it cheater-style.  I had read in a recent blog post by Jenn of “Endlessly Inspired” how easy it was to use donut holes for cake pops.  I thought to… great!   It sounded so easy and quick. Here is the link to Jenn’s post with beautiful images and easy instructions-that I ignored.

So, last weekend I asked hubby to pick up about 12 donut holes at DD (you know Dunkin…). He came home with a box of 54 (less a few I’m sure he snacked on while driving home.) I had requested some glaze, plain and chocolate. I got all glaze, a few chocolate and some were squished so badly.…well, those just got eaten up pretty quick, because…you know….you can’t just toss them!

Donut hole cake pops on white plate

I was looking at this project as just a small test. I found my pop sticks I had buried from the last experiment with cake pops. I made a small batch of confectioner’s frosting, coloring it pink and thought, how easy…I’ll just dip them in, gently let the frosting slide off, toss on some gold sparkles and have beautiful cake pops without the baking and mess.  Wrong….so wrong.

Donut hole cake pops finished

Here is what I learned – the simple frosting did not work – you must melt “candy melts” designed for just this type of thing. I did not have any on hand, but will in the future! The frosting was too gloppy and filled up the little paper cup I placed them in. They became too heavy for the stick….and… I was too embarrassed to even share them with my office ladies, who will eat just about anything. I still have a pint of frosting left that hubby-the snacker dude is working on spoonful-by-spoonful!

Donut hole cake pops bitten

Tested and Tasted

Thank you Jenn of “Endlessly Inspired” but I was not so inspired. I was a little disappointed in myself. I will let the feeling pass, along with some time, and will have to try this again with proper ingredients. Hey folks, it’s all about experimenting, testing and trying things out. But, bottom line, following a tested recipe is the best way to go.

CakePops-I really need to go back to culinary class

It’s time for me to go back to culinary classes-will be starting in September!  Yahoo!!

Respectfully, Susan

P.S. Jenn was doing a guest blog post for Buttercream-Bakehouse. Here is the actual link with full instructions.

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