This is a new blog I have recently found and am following. Mila, the author, is from Russia. In this post she gives the recipe for Vareniki-dumplings and shows a video on how to make them. In light of all the recent news about Russia and the Ukraine, I believe that food is an international peace keeper and sharing of cultures is important. Respectfully, Susan


 Almost everybody in Russia knows and adores vareniki! So do I. 😀
Vareniki – are dumplings, stuffed with savoury or sweet filling.


It’s considered that vareniki is a traditional Ukrainian dish, but originally it came from Turkey. It was a dish made from boiled unleavened dough with meat and vegetables filling. When “Vareniki” appeared in Ukraine for the first time, they were called ‘diush-var’. The Ukrainian people liked this dish so much that these dumplings quickly spread over the Ukraine and beyond, and became widely-popular, turned into traditional Ukrainian cuisine and began to call as ‘vareniki, and this name simply means – boiled.
 Ukrainian savoury vareniki are usually topped with shkvarki – fried salted pork fat, and also can be topped with fried onions or just accompanied with sour cream according to local taste or preferences (i.e. last two toppings are quite popular in Russia).
 The most popular fillings are potatoes, mushrooms or fish. Vareniki could be also made sweet, with cherries…

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2 thoughts on “Vareniki

    • Thank you Mila – You have added some very nice and interesting Russian food recipes. I am wondering if you do your own photography? I work for StockFood and we are interenational, representing food photographers around the world. The home office is in Munich, Germany. Check out our site if you are interested in submitting your beautiful photography for consideration. Best to you and your blog work. Susan

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