Rainbow Cake Test – Part 2

As most of you that read my blog know, I work for StockFood.  StockFood represents food and lifestyle photographers from around the world.   From time to time I may use images in my blog posts, but always with permission.



Easter cake with glaze – StockFood Image #00960789

An interesting event has just taken place in the stock photography world that could help and/or hurt photographers, just depends on your point of view.  Getty Images is now offering free images to bloggers and web users that are non-commercial.   StockFood does place images with Getty, not our entire collection, just a few thousand.    I have mixed feelings about this new event.

I am not a photographer and the images I place in my blog are taken by me on my iPad.  As a blogger, if I choose to use an image from Getty, how are they to know if I make money from my blog site or website—which I don’t.

As an industry professional that represents photographers’ works, I don’t think I like this idea for many reasons.  Not only is Getty large, but they wield the power to direct “how” and “when” the stock industry makes major moves… in actions and dollars.  They have essentially, through their various corporate moves, lowered pricing for stock photography over the years, making it harder for photographers to make money, and harder still for those that represent photographers.   Now Getty has basically lowered the pricing to zero – giving it away – free.  Their take on it is-their images are out there anyway, legally and illegally; that it is hard to keep up the volume of infringements; and, why not just offer free imagery to alleviate that situation and to drive people to their site to purchase image licenses.  What???  This causes many problems for a world full of stock agencies.  This new event, in addition to their other business moves, has just thrust another log on the fire of imploding photographers and stock agencies.


Lovely yellow layer cake – StockFood #00964259

I used one Getty image my most recent blog “Rainbow Cake Test-Part 1” http://respectyourfood.me/– just to see what it looked like.  I don’t like the look.  I did not want to publish my blog using a sample Getty image – believing it to be mutiny.   But, I did it, just so people could see how it looks and fits into a personal blog.  I prefer my own crappy photography without the glory of the Getty name being pasted all over the image.

AM'sCoconutCake-Oh, the things she would bake

My crappy photography-Aunt Myrtle’s coconut cake

As a blogger, I like the personal touch of someone’s blog.  I know they are putting effort into their words and photography.  They are telling a personal story – whether it is about baking a soufflé or climbing Mount Everest.

As a stock photography representative, I am very concerned.   I believe this will be very hard for some of us to digest.  For others, they may shrug and just pass it off as another Getty business move.    I guess I shouldn’t take it so personally, but I care about our photographers and I care about putting food on my table…in many ways.

Thanks for listening.

Respectfully, Susan

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