Rainbow Cake Test-Part 1

A cake is a beautiful thing.


Ahh, this one below, not so much, for many reasons.  See Rainbow Cake Test – Part 2-my next blog post.  It discusses my professional and personal opinions about Getty’s latest move in the stock photo industry.


A cake is a wonderful gift.  It is also a way to express your love, have some birthday fun, to give thanks, or, in this case, a prop for a photo shoot.  This is where my “Rainbow Cake” comes in as a test.  I charged home from the office and threw this little 5-layer cake together as my tester.  While hubby heated leftovers for dinner, I began my mad mixing and baking.

I divided the batter into 5 different colors, from a soft yellow to a medium pink.  The Wilton pans each held approximately 1/2 cup of batter.

Rainbow cake-start

Next, I baked the little 5 layers.

Rainbow cakes in oven baking-5 layers

After cooling and cutting off the crowns and making my tester notes, I proceeded to throw on white frosting and some coconut-plain and toasted.

first layer with notes

I did not put the layers on upside down so that each layer was even.  I liked the messy look, and I was really just trying to get the colors correct, not have a perfect cake.

Rainbow cake frosted

Layered, frosted and ready to take to the office to share for a birthday; and, most importantly to slice and look at the inside layers to see how the colors came out.  The birthday girl knew it was a tester.  We had back-up goodies.

cake on counter

Worriedly, I transported the cake to my office over frost heaved roads with the layers secured with long skewers.  When sliced and shared – it was tasty, but the colors were not satisfactory for a photo shoot.  Also, the coconut between the layers would make the interior look messy.  These are some of the things you have to think about when baking for a photo shoot.  Of course, a professional photographer makes things look very nice.

interior close up

My baking binge has ended for now and this final cake will be re-made for the last photo session so that the images can  be added to the collection.   It’s just another hour or so of my time in my Torrey Hill Kitchen and another pound of butter, flour and sugar, mixed with fun and anticipation.

Remember, Easter and Mother’s Day are coming up.  Why not bake a cake!


Mother’s Day Cheesecake


Easter Lamb Cake

Thank you StockFood, FoodCollection for the beautiful Chocolate Birthday cake, image #00974354, the Mother’s Day Cheesecake, image #00974133 and the Easter Lamb Cake, image #00976969.

Respectfully, Susan

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