Red Frosting Update

~Red Frosting Finished Product~

Here is the end product from my “Red Frosting Test 1”.   As I explained in my previous post, I was going for bright red and ended up with what I call a dark rose color.

Red Frosting end

This image taken by me with my iPad2.

After delivering the failed frosting and tubes of Wilton red decorating icing to the studio, I was encouraged by Susie, the photographer to smear some on cupcakes.   I was not pleased with what I was seeing.  However, in a professional photographer’s eye, this is what you now see.   I  present to you a beautiful food image taken by a very talented professional food photographer, Susie Eising.  Wow, I had no idea this ugly frosting could look so good.

red frosting cupcakes

Beautiful food imagery is what  StockFood offers to all those in need of food images for all forms of media.

Red frosting cupcake close up-SusieE

Valentine’s Day Cupcake

Credit for photography: Susie Eising-Eising Studio

StsockFood – what a great company to work for and with!

Respectfully, Susan

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