Red Frosting

I have been involved in a baking project for StockFood-my daytime dream-job employer.  Earlier in the year I had sworn off cakes.  However, I was asked to make homemade cakes and frostings, maybe some muffins, and the list keeps growing.  I love to bake and experiment, therefore it was easy to get excited about this new project.  With Valentine’s Day in mind,  I made a mini heart shaped cake and a pretty pink frosting was used.  I was then asked to make a “beautiful” red frosting.  Well, that is something that even the experts have a problem with.  I even asked for help from the test kitchen professionals of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.    Here is what I called “Red Frosting – Test 1.”

Red Frosting Experiment-Start

To start -White Frosting-Red colorings & Cocoa.  Since I did not want to spend a lot of time making a buttercream from scratch, I used a Duncan Hines whipped white frosting as my base.

Red Frosting Experiment-2

Step 1 – added 2 Tbl Wilton Rojo decorating icing from tube to white frosting = pink.

Red Frosting Experiment-3

Step 2-added 8 drops Red Food Color-McCormick & 1 tsp Wilton Red no taste gel = darker pink.

Red Frosting Experiment-4

Step 3-added 1 Tbl Droste-Cocoa for baking & drinking = dark rose

Red Frosting Experiment-5

Comparison-trying for rojo (red) likeness as in the Wilton tube..not even close!

Red Frosting-Resting-6

Letting it rest-some recipes recommend 2 days for it to darken..seriously???

Red Frosting 31 hours

No change – 31 hours later – added more red from the tube…getting desperate

Red Frosting compare

43 hours later…. it didn’t work….but delivered it to the studio just for fun…

Red Frosting end

Start to finish-ended up with a beautiful dark rose frosting.

Some of this was used on cupcakes.  I will have to share pictures later of the frosted cupcakes, once they are processed and placed into our imagery collection.  At that point I will  show you what a very talented professional photographer can do with icky looking stuff!

Respectfully, Susan

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