Pumpkin Bundt Cake for Halloween

Halloween can be scary and fun!


The kids trick or treating on this street will love seeing this scary thing hanging in the tree as they walk by.

Scary creature hanging in tree

We probably won’t get any Trick-or-Treaters’ on our road.  I miss seeing the little kids come to the door all dressed up.  Of course, I buy a bag of candy – just in case.  Lucky for my husband, because he will snack-down on it.


Ready for the Parade of Costumes at Alfred Elementary (1990)


Alfred Elementary Halloween School Parade

This year we celebrated Halloween by going to a pumpkin carving party and catching up with old friends.  The raven on the far left won first prize.  Our guy, on the far right, won nothing, but he has a big happy smile for Halloween.

crow pumpkinour pumpkin

I also took a cake to share.  This recipe, Pumpkin Bundt Cake,  is from a Halloween e-cookbook produced by our London office.  I had to work my way around the funny measurements, and did some major tweaking,  but it came out fine.  Everyone that had a slice thought it was very pumpkin-y and liked the dark chocolate gobbed on top.  No spiders were harmed.


There are some great recipes in this little book if you are thinking of having a Halloween party or are obliged to take something to a party.   There will be a free download for the book starting at midnight October 30th in the Amazon Kindle store.


Happy Halloween to all!

Respectfully,  Susan

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Bundt Cake for Halloween

  1. The cake is so wonderful to look at, how could anyone eat it? Master Wesley’s costume (uniform with rifle) was predictive, non?
    – Nancy C

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