Cookies and Football

I’ve been away for a while, did some domestic and international travel, enjoyed summer guests and relaxed a little.  Life is too short and our summer in Maine is really too short!  I am really looking forward to fall…not winter.  Fall is just around the corner and football season is here.

Italian Amaretti Cookies plated-red2

Test recipe for Italian Amaretti Cookies

Football game:  New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

Fall means crisp cool air, the smell of wood fires coming from chimneys, cooking, baking, more inside time, fun in the kitchen and football on Sunday.  I get to listen to and watch football, while I create and/or test recipes.  Yes, I have a TV in the kitchen, actually both kitchens, my everyday kitchen and my other kitchen where I test recipes.  Of course there is a big screen TV in the living room too.  I crank up the sound of all three televisions, surround myself with the NFL pre-shows and anxiously wait for the first game of the day.

How do I focus on a new recipe, or any recipe for that matter, with all that noise?  Actually, it works for me.   I find it relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  It’s like the crowd is cheering me on.  Go Susan!  Go Pats!  This week I tested the “Italian Amaretti Cookies”  recipe from Dolci-Simply Delicious Italian Desserts.  Here is my interpretation of the recipe with my notes and pictures.

Italian Amaretti Cookies

8 oz almond paste (recommend Solo® brand-in a can)

3 egg whites

1 cup superfine sugar (I used regular-no problem)

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

Powdered sugar, for dusting

Preheat oven to 325°F.  Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

Break up almond paste and place in a bowl.  In separate bowl, using electric mixer, beat egg whites until foamy.  Add egg whites to almond paste and mix well on low speed.  Slowly add the sugar, mixing well between additions.  Add flour to the mixture, mixing until smooth in texture.  NOTE:  Didn’t think it would work-I thought the dough would be too dry and crumbly-but it turned out smooth.  Go Pats!  Ooooh, Tom Brady is lookin’ good.

Italian Amaretti Cookies start

Spoon mixture into piping bag with 1-inch round tip.  Pipe onto parchment paper in 1” rounds.    Take a damp paper towel and lightly press the top of each cookie to smooth out the top.  NOTE:  Nope-did not do that-I skipped that whole process.  I used my small cookie scoop and plopped them on the parchment paper with plenty of space around each plop.

cookies ready for oven

Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown.   NOTE:  I don’t know if it was my oven or me…but after 20 minutes of baking they still looked too light to me.  So, I turned on the broiler to brown them just a little.  Had to really focus at that point-crucial play in the game and oven on broil.

cookies baked

Remove from oven and cool pans on wire racks.  Dust generously with powdered sugar-yeah, lots of sugar!

cookies cooling

Serve…and guess who just arrived home from a little overnight excursion with his flying buddies?  Hubby – the ultimate snacker-dude and taste tester.

Italian Amaretti Cookies plated

Confession time–I wanted a simple recipe to test with minimal ingredients.  I really dislike using a piping bag-it is something I have not mastered.   I wanted minimal time involved.  Why?  Well, it was the first real game of the season and I had to reacclimate myself.   Go Pats!

Respectfully, Susan


5 thoughts on “Cookies and Football

  1. Hi Susan I’m anxious to try these. Sounding good. Hoping the ultimate snacker-dude and taste tester is doing well. Please tell him I miss him desperately. Seems weird around here. K


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