On a roll in Maine Vacationland

I’m on a roll… and my stomach roll is proof of it.  Maine is “Vacationland” and summer is the time to enjoy the bounty. However, I have enjoyed the bounty a little too much.


Maine-Vacationland-The Way Life Should Be

A coastal road trip from Portland to Machias was planned to attend the Celebration and Remembrance of a unique character and friend of many years, Lloyd Parker Wells. Among other things, Lloyd was a pilot. His passion for flight was instilled at an early age. At age six he was flown around St. Louis by Charles Lindbergh. Lloyd’s father was a former Mayor of St. Louis in the early 1900’s and an investor in the heroic non-stop flight from New York to Paris on May 20-21, 1927 by Lucky Lindy. Amazing! I found this so interesting since I had recently read “The Aviator’s Wife” and had known Lloyd for over 30 years, but never knew that little fact.

LPW on plane

Lloyd Parker Wells, 1921-2013

This memorial event was held in beautiful Northeast/Bar Harbor. I was happy in the thought that I would be seeing his wife, along with other family and friends. As we headed out, I knew we would be in lobster territory and the cravings kicked in for a fresh lobster roll.

First food stop – a BBQ joint in Belfast.   I let hubby sideline me with that choice.  It was good pulled pork and brisket, but  I was still craving lobster and a cold Maine microbrew as we left town.


The BBQ Pit, Belfast, Maine

Continuing north on Coastal Route 1, you cross the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory in Bucksport, Maine.


Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Observatory



Penobscot Narrows

We arrived in Northeast Harbor in the late afternoon. It was a true celebration of Lloyd’s life with stories shared publicly by the group and privately in conversations. Liquid refreshments were plentiful and the food was very tasty. The setting was spectacular…but

view from Tern ll

Northeast Harbor/Bar Harbor Maine

my cravings were denied-still no lobster roll.  Don’t get me wrong, great food was served and enjoyed. It was just my mind that could not let go of that vision of a lobster roll – especially after passing so many outside lobster dining spots along the way.

dogs awaiting guests

Awaiting arrival of brunch guests

The next day brought a fun brunch at our friends’ home outside Machias. We were killing time waiting for guests to arrive, and decided to create a Blueberry Martini mix and began to imbibe.

Blueberry martinis

How can you go wrong in this setting- a perfectly clear Maine day?

secret brunch locale

Brunch at the cabin

table set for brunch

Our table was set, awaiting guests

flying in for brunch

Finally, they arrived-Piper Super Cub with amphib floats

Chanterelles wok style

Local fresh Chanterelles

brunch scrambled eggs wok style

Scrambled eggs wok style


Choice of toppings

After relaxing and socializing, it was time for us to leave and head back down the coast. I still was craving my lobster roll, but then another craving kicked in. Having lived in the Machias area for many years and eaten many a clam roll there, thoughts of  a clam roll with tartar sauce started dancing in my head. I tried thinking of other things…laundry to be done, how hot the house was going to be when we arrived home, would we stop and eat on the way or scrounge around the refer when we got home, and what a nice time we had with friends, all of us sharing stories of special times in our lives.

beauty on the lake

It was a beautiful weekend in many ways

As fate would have it, hubby got tired of driving at just the right point in time. I think the blueberry martini and hot weather finally got to him. I was more than happy to take over the driving because I knew exactly where I could stop for my lobster roll and clam roll – killing two birds with one stone – actually three, because this would be dinner too-no further stops or scrounging required.


Lobster-Clam rolls

Clam roll/Lobster roll/Onion rings/Coffee frappe

Jordan’s Snack Bar, Ellsworth, Maine

I was nice and shared the lobster roll and clam roll with my husband.  I noticed he was very willing to share in my cravings.

Finally, my cravings were satisfied.  The rolls were delicious and worth the wait.  Where’s that Weight Watcher’s email they keep sending me?

Happy travels ~
Respectfully, Susan

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