National Doughnut-Donut Day ~ Celebrate!

I don’t know why I am so nutty about National Doughnut Day, but I think it has to do with loving memories of my Dad.  We would venture to the local Krispy Kreme doughnut shop on an early Saturday morning and watch the doughnuts being made and glazed.  I remember the sweet taste of that warm glaze and the safe and happy feeling sitting at the counter next to him.  This was in the 1950’s.


 Today was a day to celebrate and we did just that at our StockFood office.  We take our food holidays seriously.   We have become believers in The Holy Donut of Portland, Maine,  and were blessed with Maine potato doughnuts in flavors such as, chocolate sea salt, chocolate cinnamon and cinnamon sugar…yumm!

The Holy Donut

For those that are believers in the taste of an old fashioned cake-like fried doughnuts with a choice of toppings, we gathered another batch from The Dirty Dozen in Sanford, Maine….coconut, chocolate glaze with chocolate jimmies, plain, cinnamon sugar and butternut…yumm!

The Dirty Dozen

Also, as a taste test, a Dunkin Donuts new breakfast sandwich of egg and bacon between a glazed donut was purchased.  This did not meet expectations…soggy bacon and soggy glazed donut – it just did not work and after two small bites was tossed so that the homemade doughnuts could be enjoyed.

DD new bkfast sandwich

We shared our celebration with neighboring offices and everyone’s Friday was off to a real sugar rush!  Happy National Donut Day to you and eat responsibly.   I have to go try another doughnut now.

Respectfully, Susan

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