Grilled cheese in a bag, in your toaster!

ToastaBag®…making a sandwich, putting it in a bag and putting it in a toaster, sounds like a dangerous thing to do.  I could not get my head wrapped around it.  According to some calendars, April was National Grilled Cheese Month.  Jarlsberg®  was in attendance at the International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference in early April in San Francisco and as part of the expo were handing out the ToastaBag® along with free cheese coupons.  Ever since I unpacked my suitcase, I have been anxious to try the “ToastaBag” experiment and challenge.  However, I  needed my husband to be around…just in case I caught the toaster on fire.  Mother’s Day was the perfect day for experimenting with this funny, silky textured little bag.


I made my sandwich of cheese and bologna with a small smear of butter.


Next, I arranged the fire extinguisher, big heavy oven mitts and the instructions near the toaster.  I put my sandwich together, slipped it in the bag and placed it in the toaster part of my toaster-oven.


I then went outside and told my husband that I was ready to do my experiment.  I asked that he listen for me just in case I started screaming FIRE!   I also asked that he watch the back door in case I had to throw the whole toaster outside.  I went back inside and pushed the toaster lever down.


I stood in front of the toaster and watched carefully.  I still did not believe that the bread would toast up and that the cheese would melt.



After a couple of minutes, I started to see smoke and could smell burning toast, but I still could not believe it.  Even as I stood there watching the smoke and knowing that burned-toast smell, it just seemed impossible.  But after seeing enough of the smoke, feeling the fear of the toaster igniting and setting off all the smoke alarms, I hit the CANCEL button on the toaster and up popped my grilled cheese sandwich in a bag.  The bag actually felt cool to the touch as I lifted it out.


I slid the sandwich out of the bag and Presto~ToasterO…I had a nice hot, grilled cheese sandwich with burned toast.  Now I’m a believer.


The next test was to see if the melted cheese on the inside of the bag would come out easily.  According to the instructions, you can wash the bag and reuse it – up to 50 times.  I put some dish washing liquid in the bag and rinsed it out.  The melted cheese came out without even touching the inside of the bag.  I hung it up to dry and plan on using it again.  What an amazing invention!

Thanks ToastaBag® —  Thanks Jarlsberg® – – for more recipes go to and also check out  Boska Holland ToastaBags at  A set of 3 is $9.00.

A belated National Grilled Cheese Month wish that all your grilled cheese sandwiches are fun to make and tasty!

Respectfully, Susan

3 thoughts on “Grilled cheese in a bag, in your toaster!

  1. It looks pretty good – I may check out those bags on Amazon! Keep up the experiments – we get our excitement through you!!

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    • Hi Dabbler – Yes, I couldn’t believe it worked. It was a fun experiment. Are you a “dubber” as well? That is an old Down East Maine expression…”just friggin’ & dubbin'” I like your site. Thanks for sharing. Susan

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