King Arthur Carrot Cake

I’m calling this baking experiment the “King Arthur Carrot Cake – Desired & Expired.”  I was craving carrot cake and I just happened to have a mix in the pantry, but it was expired.  Why not I thought, what is the worst that could happen?   I would make the carrot cake, consider it an experiment and not tell my husband.   The King Arthur mix was only expired by 22 days.  I love King Arthur..their mixes, their website, their recipes, and I plan to go to their baking school in the near future.

KA Carrot Cake Mix

I recently met a group of King Arthur folks at the International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference in San Francisco.  I explained to one representative what I did and that I would be blogging about it.  He  was curious as to what happened.  The mix blended together just fine.

KA Carrot cake carrot strips & ginger

Hydrating carrots and cutting up ginger

KA Carrot cake baked-oven

So far so good, except it did seem a little flat to me.  I don’t think it rose as well as it should have.  I did keep in mind that some carrot cakes can be very dense.

KA Easter carrot cake with carrots & peeps

There were no problems.  I added some chopped crystallized ginger in the batter and on top of the cake.  I threw in a handful of Craisins, because I did not want to use raisins and I do not like nuts in my cakes.  It turned out very tasty and the texture was fine.

KA Easter Carrot cake on dining table

King Arthur Carrot Cake with KA Royal Icing Carrots

I highly recommend King Arthur mixes.  However,  I do not recommend using expired mixes or any expired foods in general.  There is a date put on packaging the manufacturer for a reason.  Of course, my husband does not believe in it, so that is why I am happy to offer him expired tasty foods.   Go to

Respectfully, Susan

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