Springtime Grilled Pizza and SNOW

OK, its officially Spring…(somewhere) according to the calendar; but here in Maine the snow is still on the ground.  The day before Spring we had a “snow-day” in Maine…meaning closing of schools and road conditions so horrible that getting to work was impossible.  And just now, two weeks after the first day of Spring, I’m looking out my window and watching snowflakes swirl around in a cold bitter wind…. Seriously?  Enough!

grill and snow

While grocery shopping around the time of Spring’s arrival, a dinner decision was made.   To celebrate the arrival of Spring, I would be making and grilling a pizza.  Here is the recipe I came up with as I went through the store:

Grilled Pesto Pizza with Fresh Veggies & Bacon

1 frozen ball of pizza dough (wheat) produced by Portland Pie Company

3 fresh tomatoes

1 ball of mozzarella-sliced

a handful of black pitted olives (from the olive bar)

1 fresh basil plant (grocery store style)

1 onion

1 yellow pepper

1 small container of prepared pesto sauce

bacon – fry up a few slices or use leftover

fresh spinach leaves (optional)

SNOW – (optional)

Fired up the grill and pre-baked the dough before adding the toppings.

dough on grill

After the dough was partially baked, I spread pesto on top, added fresh tomatoes, sautéed yellow pepper and onion strips, mozzarella slices, some chopped black Greek olives, and some bacon bits (leftover bacon from breakfast.)  I was going to add fresh spinach, but forgot.  SNOW-optional!

pizza grilling with snow

After grilling, I added fresh basil leaves to the top.  I believe that the basil pulls all the flavors together.  However, it is optional, as is the SNOW!

pizza close up

Even though it was only 30 degrees and the snow was not even thinking about melting yet, this warm crisply grilled and fresh tasting pizza gave me hope for a warm Spring night when I can sit on the deck and have a glass of wine while my newest pizza creation cooks on the grill…without SNOW!

I’m off to San Francisco tomorrow to attend the  International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference-a group of all kinds of foodie professionals.  I am tired of waiting for the SNOW to melt.  I have hopes that the California sun will brighten these late winter doldrums.  I know I will run into some Springtime weather along with super fun food people.

Here’s to Spring…somewhere!

Respectfully, Susan

One thought on “Springtime Grilled Pizza and SNOW

  1. Your pizza was tasty and inspiring! I made two gluten free veggie pizzas with Better Bread Company frozen dough during my visit with my mom in VA.

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