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I love FREE stuff.  I think most people do.  I have something free for you.  It is an e-cookbook in the iTunes store.  It is titled, “Vegetarian-Simply Delicious.”  It is FREE starting Friday, March 8 through Monday, March 11.  It comes to you via StockFood-my super cool employer, under the imprint of iCook2day (a sister company).  I hope you will download it and try a recipe or two.

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 A vegetarian, I’m not.  I was brought up on meat and potatoes.   However, because our new book is coming out and we are heavily promoting it, I tested Crespelle Alla Fiorentina – that’s a fancy name for crepes filled with spinach, mushrooms and cream cheese.  This recipe is found in the Viva Italia section of the book, page 21.  It turned out to be so tasty and so worth the effort of making everything from scratch.  For fun, I timed myself.

To start, I prepped as much as I could before I went to work – (20 minutes)

Crepe ingredients

Ingredients for crepes

Crepe filling

Ingredients for filling

When I arrived home I dove in and immediately made the crepes.  To save time, I had several pans available for use.

crepes cooking

It had been a long time since I had made crepes, but they turned out fine.  This recipe made 12 6” to 7” crepes.   (20 minutes)

crepes ready for rolling buttered baking dish

For the filling, wilting the spinach was easy.  It was still a little too warm when I squeezed it, but I got most of the water out.  The 18 ounces of spinach called for may seem like a lot, but it was just right. (10 minutes)

Spinach to wilt shrooms sauteed

wilted spinach

The mushrooms and garlic sautéed together easily.  I did add a dab of butter and a touch of smoky chardonnay wine that I happened to have in a glass nearby.   I think it added a little more flavor to the shrooms.  I then mixed the shrooms and cream cheese together, adding in the shredded parm cheese.  (10 minutes)

filling mix

Next, was the béchamel sauce.  It had also been a while since I had made that, but it came together nicely.  I recommend doubling the sauce.  (10 minutes)

bechamel sauce

Filling the crepes was quick and easy.  I spread the béchamel sauce in the buttered baking dish and placed the filled crepes in it.

This recipe had enough filling to make 12 crepes not overly full.  (10 minutes)

fill roll place in baking dish

The baking time of 30 minutes was perfect.

baking in oven

 I ended up going over the 1 h 40 min stated in the recipe by 20 minutes.  But, I was stopping to take taking pictures.  It was delicious, creamy and rich tasting. It may seem like a lot of steps, but if you are organized, it is manageable.

ready to serve

Please download your FREE e-cookbook and have fun with it.  A kind review in the iTunes store would be appreciated.

Respectfully, Susan

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