Valentine’s Day Anxiety

Do you remember the anxiety of Valentine’s Day in elementary school?  The cards had to be signed by hand, the envelope addressed with your classmates’ names, and then embarrassingly hand-delivered while the whole class watched.  We even made special boxes to put them in and some would courageously open them to see how many cards they got.  I liked participating up to the delivery part.  I was just not sure if I would get any– hence anxiety.

Old Valentine's Cards

These cards are from my Kindergarten class of 1957.  They are all signed on the back by my classmates and sadly I do not remember any of them.  The big heart in the middle is the card I made in class and brought home to Mom and Dad for Valentine’s Day.  How do you know that, you might ask.

I know this only because my Mother wrote on the back of everything.  I have a whole folder of things she saved from my school days.  Let’s just say from the looks of other items in the folder that I never was, or had intentions of being, an artist…or a super student…more about that later.

There is no Valentine’s anxiety at my house.  My husband leaves for his annual ice fishing trip – we try to go out for dinner before he leaves.  Of course, I leave hints around the house for things he could get me…but there really is no pressure..really!

KA Cinn Apple donut mix and pan

For Valentine’s goodies I stayed away from chocolate.  I wanted to try using the disasterous cake pop pan again, but this time as a doughnut hole pan.  Using the King Arthur Apple Cinnamon mix seemed to work, except some of the dough popped up through the pan and the doughnut holes did have a little ridge around the middle.  I tried covering that up with lots of cinnamon and sugar stuck to the outside.  My Valentine and his taste testers liked them.

Donut batter poking thru oh no

Coating with cinn sugar see ridges

coated donut holes

While I was in the box-mix baking mode, I also felt like trying a King Arthur Traditional Shortbread cookie mix.  What can go wrong with adding a cup of butter to a mix?

KA shortbread cookie mix

The recipe on the box stated that if you do not use salted butter, add a pinch of salt.  I forgot to add the pinch of salt…so I added a pinch of kosher salt to the red sprinkles on the hearts – butter and salt…yummm.

Heart shaped shortbread cookies

Don’t forget to make or get your sweetie something sweet for Valentine’s Day – We all need a little lovin’ – right darlin’?

sweets for the sweet with chocolate

Respectfully, Susan

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