Update-Inspired or Resolute in 2013

I’m inspired!   Here’s the update.  I won…

money I won first week

for eating lots of this….

fruit bowl at office

and this…


not drinking this…

liquor bar

and drinking lots of water, getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, taking my vitamins, eating my breakfast everyday (bacon on weekends only) and doing a little exercise.  Here’s my point sheet – I was the highest point winner last week at our office.  Go Team StockFood!

the point system

Only lost a pound last week, but that is better than gaining a pound.

Can’t…no, no, no, can’t eat this…

don't eat this

I’m inspired and hope to stay that way.

Respectfully, Susan

4 thoughts on “Update-Inspired or Resolute in 2013

  1. Way to go! I have lost 7 plus pounds since my stent in November! After 50 we have to eat well and exercise just to stay in bad shape!

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