Food Art

As I drive to work each day and the caffeine from my second cup of coffee begins to work its miracles, my brain begins to focus on my surroundings.   This is what I see as I drive to and from work each day.  I call it my personal “Food Art” – some seasonal, some permanent.   

The Wedding Cake House, Kennebunk, Maine

Thoughts of weddings and wedding cakes…every day.


Do I want a giant muffin to go with my last bit of coffee?  Thoughts of muffins and lobster something…every day.

Oh, forgot my lunch…maybe a panini today.

Ah yes, time for blueberry picking.

Hmm, chicken and tomatoes for dinner?

Does the tin man work?  What are they growing?

My favorite veggie stand on the way home.

Now, if you’ve made it this far, I must tell you that I will not be posting for a few weeks.  Here are the reasons: business travel and our office is moving; a trip to MD/VA for a family reunion; and a trip to Italy to cook with the Tuscan Mommas!  I will be back with family stories about my drunken Uncle Bernie and Vanilla Extract;  Aunt Edna’s homemade Apple Dumplings;  pictures and recipes from my cooking experience in Tuscany; and… more recipes and experiments with food.

Enjoy your food — Respect the art.  




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