This Little Piggy

I’ve been on a bacon binge.  Yes, I know, that’s just not healthy.  However, to justify eating a half of pound of bacon in three meals, I will say that it was for educational purposes – a testing of cooking methods.  I’m into testing and educating.  First test – the oven method.


Oven method

NOTE:  I would only use this method if I had other things to prepare on the stove top and I had a houseful of guests for breakfast, assigning one guest to watch the bacon and fill coffee cups.  This method may keep your bacon flatter, but it just takes too long.  This tray, at 425 degrees, took ½ hour+…that’s 15-18 minutes on each side.  TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR MY BACON!…

Unless you want Praline Crusted Bacon…then use this oven method by getting it going and then flipping it over, baking a little more, then adding on the praline mixture to make yourself some really sweet praline crusted bacon.  I had that style in New Orleans and then came home and made it in culinary class.  Whoa momma!


Cast iron skillet frying

Second test:  Skillet frying – this is the best way.  It’s fast, but a bit messy with the grease splattering, so be careful. 

Bacon for Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Since I have been a bachelorette on and off this summer, I thought I’d fix myself a delicious BLT for dinner on one of those ‘singles’ nights.  I’m not a tomato person, but stopped at the local farm stand on my way home from work to get a fresh tomato.  Here we go….


Tomato purchase-honor system


 Gather ingredients

Note to self:  Always have bacon on hand


Fry it up

Toast the bread and smear with lots of Hellmann’s mayo. Yummm…mayo…


Respectfully and artfully build the sandwich…yummm….baaaaacon





First bite….yummmmmmm

 Last bite…boy, that went fast!

 Next day-breakfast one strip with toast &  a healthy salad for lunch…

Healthy salad with bacon?!  Really?!?!?

Told you…I was on a binge.  Let me know if you have any good bacon cooking methods or flavoring methods.  I’ve yet to try chocolate on my bacon, but I have baconized chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  NOTE: Weight Watchers is on speed dial and the hospital is only 4 minutes away!

Here piggy, piggy….

 Respectfully, Susan

Credit: Pigs in barnyard/StockFood#00971647


8 thoughts on “This Little Piggy

  1. Susan, you are a natural at this blogging business and a natural comedian as well. You kill me with the statements about how far away the hospital is and that WW is on speed dial! Love it! K

    • Cast iron or any hot skillet will take about 6-8 minutes. You can’t be reluctant to fry on high heat until grease gets too hot-then drain and turn it down a bit to finish off. Yummm crispy bacon!

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