Satisfied cravings are informational, educational and flavorful and I’m into all of that! Sometimes you have to travel to get some satisfaction.

Roque Bluffs, Maine

I recently traveled to Machias and Lubec, which are small towns located in Washington County, in the northern part of the State of Maine.  I did this to take care of some food and wine cravings, visit with friends and relive some old memories of my time spent there in the late 70’s early 80’s.  Seems like a long way to go (over 250 miles) to satisfy cravings, but it had to be done.

Perry’s Nut House – Belfast, Maine

My first stop heading north and east to the coast was in Belfast, Maine.  I picked up my daughter-in-law and headed to Darby’s Restaurant & Pub in downtown Belfast for a quick lunch.  We were both secretly craving a lobster roll.  It tasted so fresh, with just the right amount of mayo and a toasted buttery roll.  Served with homemade coleslaw and sweet potato fries, it was the perfect lunch.  FMI:

Lobster Roll –   Craving #1 – Satisfied!

My next stop was Bartlett Maine Estate Winery and Spirits of Maine Distillery in Gouldsboro, located in Hancock County Maine…just up the road 23 miles from the turn off to Bar Harbor and AcadiaNational Park in Ellsworth area.  FMI:

I stumbled into and out of a wine tasting, and while there stocked up on their Coastal Red, Coastal White, Loganberry, Raspberry wines, AND a special dessert wine to be saved for the holidays, “The Trio.”  It is a blend of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry dessert wines with 18.5% alcohol by volume and will be excellent with holiday chocolates.

The winery is now in its 30th year and is continuing to expand by offering distilled spirits and a current expansion on site.  I remember when they first arrived on the scene and we stopped in for a tasting…Lord, was that 30 years ago?  They were Maine’s First winery.

The Bartletts are a husband and wife team and have recently collaborated on a book titled “Drinking in Maine” with author Michael Sanders and well-known food photographer, Russell French.  The book is a compilation of 50 cocktails, concoctions and drinks from several of Maine’s best artisanal producers and restaurants.  Russell happens to be a StockFood contributor.  FMI:

Wine – Craving #2 – Satisfied!

 On to Machias.  Usually the trip is a 4 1/2 hour drive, but by this point I have now spread it out to 7 1/2, with only another hour to go.  We (hubby already there) stayed with friends at Mark’s Lake, just outside of Machias.


 Mark’s Lake

 Rested and ready to satisfy more cravings.  At breakfast, my friend commented that it would be great to have a slice of raspberry pie from Helen’s Restaurant in Machias for lunch and that we had to get there early or it would be gone.  Helen’s Restaurant is an icon of Machias, known for their famous pies, desserts and hearty portions.


 I stopped in on my way through Town.  I reserved a table and a whole Raspberry pie for lunch.  A pie serves 7.  Even though I had just had breakfast, I was craving a fried clam roll and all I thought about as I continued on my journey, was what a great lunch this was gonna’ be!

 You see, I had one other craving to satisfy between 10 a.m. and noon.  I traveled on to Lubec, Maine to visit Monica’s Chocolates.  Lubec is a unique Downeast experience and offers you the QuoddyHeadState Park.  Across the InternationalBridge is Campobello Island and the Summer home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Remember to bring your passport for travelling into Canada.


Lubec, Maine

 Now, for my chocolate fix.  Monica is a sweet Peruvian lady that has done well making handmade chocolates, employing citizens of WashingtonCounty, and making a name for herself.  She was a gracious host, even though she had a small crowd coming in for lunch.


 She gave me a tour of her operation and I purchased chocolate covered caramels with locally harvested Maine sea salt, Raspberry filled dark chocolate truffles and Blueberry filled white chocolate truffles.  She explained that she uses Bartlett’s raspberry and blueberry wines and soaks the fruits in the wines for one year before making the puree for the truffle.  It is then hand molded in several stages so that you get a very full and flavorful bite.  The chocolate and wine flavors are distinctive and blend nicely with the chocolate to bring pleasure to the mouth.


 Note:  Monica will not ship chocolate in the summer, unless it is one day delivery within the State.  Put her on your Birthday & Christmas resource list.  FMI:


Chocolates – Craving #3 – Satisfied!

 Back to Machias and Helen’s for lunch with hubby and friends.  The pictures and video will speak to you.  FMI:


Fried clam roll – Craving #4 – Satisfied!

Raspberry Pie-Made fresh that morning

Fresh Raspberry Pie – Craving #5 – Satisfied!!!!

 I hope you enjoyed this road trip of cravings.  No wonder I have to join Weight Watcher’s every six months!

 Respectfully, Susan

10 thoughts on “Cravings…

  1. Susan, lovely to meet you at the Bartlett Estate winery. We’re counting down the months until Christmas when our “Trio” will be ready to serve. We Canadians loved our (regrettably brief) visit to Maine. Looking forward to following your Italian cooking adventures!

  2. Yum, Susan – What a trip! Thank you for bringing in the Monica’s treat. I have ever had a caramel so delicious!

  3. Susan – thank you for mentioning Drinking in Maine from your travels to Bartlett Maine Estate Winery. Great people and many great products! Looking forward to your next adventure.

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