Stand By Your Man

July 21, 1973

I just celebrated my 39th wedding anniversary and I’m still standing by my man…in lieu of the gifts I received.

Gifts to Me

 What, you say…are you crazy?  After all those years and you get a weird cake pan and a rolling pin??!!  Well, I do have to respect the guy – he tries so hard to please me.  We did have a lovely resort night on the mid-coast of Maine overlooking Penobscot Bay.  And, he does understand my need to try new things….Hey, I’m talking about in the kitchen.


This crazy pan was tempting me, so I decided to test it.  I made edible brownie bowls using a brownie box mix as recommended by the directions.

They popped out of the pan with no trouble

Hubby gets the one with caramel pudding and chocolate drizzle


 I get the one with vanilla pudding and fresh raspberry sauce

 Raspberry Sauce – Quick Method

 Buy or pick fresh raspberries.  Rinse with cold water and drain.  Place in a bowl and sprinkle with a bit of sugar.  Next, squish them and mix in sugar so that mixture is syrupy.   I leave the seeds, but it could be strained through a cheese cloth.  Pour in some raspberry wine and chill.*

 *If you have a special raspberry sauce that you would like to share, send me a comment via this post.

Gift to Hubby – the granite squares

  As for the rolling pin I received, it was a replacement for my old one that broke 2 years ago with promises of fixing.  It is considered fixed now.  I think I’ll grab a chilled bottle of wine and use his gift while thinking of a way to use that new rolling pin.


Respectfully, Susan

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