Croatia looks beautiful, the scenery, the food, the beach. I thought I would share this. Susan

Toads and Tiaras

We’ve been really bad bloggers lately and have been having far too much fun in the sun, enjoying a much needed summer break on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. But, we’re back now and we’re ready to tell you all about it!

We chose Croatia as a holiday destination having originally decided to go to Hideout festival. However, due to dates and availability we couldn’t actually make it for the festival but by then we’d heard so many great things about Croatia we decided to go anyway.

With our eyes shut and a finger on the map, we decide to stay in the historic, coastal town of Split.

Our apartment (owned by Dalmatian Villas) was so adorable. With authentic green shutters, exposed brick and charming features, we were in the heart of Split and just a short walk away from the Diocletian Palace; the world’s most complete and best preserved remains…

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