What is MOXIE?

Moxie is Maine’s official soft drink and it was the country’s first mass-marketed carbonated beverage.  However, it didn’t start out as a soft drink.

I attended the 30th Annual Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls, Maine on a very hot Saturday in July.  Moxie is quintessentially Maine.  The medicinal tonic was invented by a Maine doctor in 1876.  He called it “Nerve Food” and promoted it as a cure for multiple health problems with improved vitality.

The very smart doctor realized that the soft drink industry was a growing trend in the 1880’s and changed the tonic’s name to Moxie and marketed it as a soft drink.

Family & Moxie Friendly Pharmacists

Moxie has a taste that is distinctively different and hard to describe.  I would describe it as “mediciny root beer.”  It is an acquired taste and you either like it or don’t.  The stories and mystique around Moxie have kept the spirit alive and brings out  community pride as celebrated on Moxie Festival Day in Lisbon Falls, Maine each July.

Parade Fun

Since it is the middle of Summer and just too hot to bake, I thought I’d just drink…I mean mix up a couple drinks using Moxie.  I had hopes of making Moxie Rum Brownies, but a chilled drink will have to do.  These drink recipes are adapted from the “Mainely Spirits” magazine, a publication of the Maine Beverage Company in cooperation with the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations for the State of Maine.


2 ounces dark rum

4 ounces Moxie

Blueberry garnish

Note:  Moxie tastes good with rum.

Northern Comfort

2 ounces Southern Comfort

8 ounces Moxie

Lemon garnish

Note:  On the sweet side.

More Parade & Festival Day Fun!

Captain Morgan’s Float

2 ounces Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

1 can Moxie

Note:  You will have to picture this cooling drink in your head.  It was just too hot–ice cream melted and after the other drinks I was in no shape to continue.

More about Moxie can be found at www.moxiefestival.com.

MOXIE Memorabilia

Respect the “Moxielanders.”

Thank you, Susan

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