Contest – We Have A Winner!

Thank you readers and contest participants.  We have a winner! 

We had some good guesses, from juice injector to cherry pitter.

The item is a “Stem Gem Strawberry Stem Remover,” and it is the best thing I’ve found to hull strawberries.  It does not tear or mush the berry and the core comes out clean and easy.  This item is available at most kitchen gadget stores and of course, on-line.     


Stem Gem Strawberry Stem Remover 

 Thanks again for your participation and I’m looking forward to the next contest! 

 Respectfully, Susan 


5 thoughts on “Contest – We Have A Winner!

  1. These are so awesome! I absolutely love mine, and use it all the time. My word of advice is to wash it within a few hours of use, otherwise the strawberry juices stay on it, and can be hard to get off!

    • Sorry Susie – I cannot give out names, unless I have permission. I can tell you that it was not anyone in the family, or friends, or from my office. I hope you will try on the next “what is it?” contest, next month. Susan

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